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Book Your Breathwork Session

This page will guide you through the steps to booking your breathwork session with us. Please take some time to review our procedures and get all the information you need to make the process quick and easy!

Book Online

You can book your breathwork session easily online.

You'll be able to:

  • Choose your date and time

  • Pay online

  • Send any important information that we will need to know

  • Include any questions you have before the session


Receive Your Welcome Package

Once you've booked your session we will send you our client welcome package via email. This is a PDF with advice and tips on preparing for your session, as well as reflection questions to help you discover what intentions you may wish to bring into your session.


Experience Breathwork (online or in-person)

At the time of your session, you will meet with your Breathwork facilitator (either online via Zoom or in-person). We will begin by giving you space to share about yourself and  what is bringing you in. We follow this by teaching you about Breathwork and what you may experience. This will prepare you for the journey.

Once you are comfortable you will lay down and begin the journey. Your facilitator will guide you through the session which lasts about 60 minutes. There will be music supporting you and bodywork if consent is given.

Afterwards there is time to share and speak about your experience. In this stage we get to feel into where it took you and process the session.



In the coming days it is great to reflect and touch base if there is more you are processing. We are here for integration calls or emails anytime to support you.


“Guides are just here to just remind you of your wisdom and support you in accessing it yourself”

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