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Private Sessions

Breathwork sessions are opportunities for you to connect with the deepest parts of yourself in a supported and safe environment.

This simple practice can create profound healing and personal transformation. You can experience deep relaxation, higher states of awareness, deep releases and in doing so create big shifts in your life.

During a session you will breathe for about 60 minutes. We'll begin with some conversation, discuss your intentions, and what areas of life you are wanting to cultivate.  You will be supported throughout the process.​

Each session lasts a total of approx 1.5-2 hours.

Important Note: We wish to make breathwork accessible to all, so please contact us if you require sliding scale pricing. We are happy to accomodate all. 

Individual Sessions

Initial Private Breathwork Session

For your first session we will begin with a more in-depth introduction to breathwork, covering the breathing patterns and the effects of the practice. This is a longer session to help you get fully prepared to begin your journey with breathwork!

(Available in-person and online)

2 hours • $220

Private Breathwork Session

For ongoing breathwork after you've completed
your initial session

(Available in-person and online)

1.5 hours • $200

Ongoing Practice

For those who want to commit to breathwork as an ongoing monthly practice, we offer a monthly membership.

One Monthly Session

With this membership you will receive one monthly online breathwork session, as well as ongoing text communication and support to help you integrate your discoveries.
(Sessions will take place either in-person or online, depending on facilitators and clients availability)


Two Monthly Sessions

If you are moving through big layers in your life, or looking to really make a powerful shift , this membership is a potent practice. You will receive two monthly online breathwork sessions, as well as ongoing text communication and support to help you understand and integrate your experiences to create powerful and lasting change.
(Sessions will take place either in-person or online, depending on facilitators and clients availability)


Emotional Benefits

• Access and shift our subconscious beliefs

• Resolve emotional blocks

• Support the releasing of old trauma

• Gain greater clarity in our lives

• Develop a deeper connection to ourselves

Relationship Benefits

  • Understand relationship patterns & subconscious stories

  • Heal attachment wounding

  • Develop healthy techniques for self-soothing

  • Create secure attachment to self

  • Increase emotional regulation

  • Release fears & reactive patterns

  • Improve ability to consciously choose reactions in relationships

Physical Benefits

  • Creates a calm nervous system

  • Increased energy

  • Generate health in the body

  • Lower heart rate, decrease blood pressure

  • Relax

  • Improve sleep

  • Help reduce pain

  • Reduces cortisol and stress hormone, which reduces the feeling of pain

  • Detoxification of organs

Spiritual Benefits

  • Drop into the present moment

  • Encounter mystical experiences

  • Connect to deep inner wisdom

  • Gain greater insight into your life

  • Access higher states of consciousness

Krystal Charlotte


Meet Your Guide

I work with those of you desiring deep life changes. Those of you who are at a transition in life, looking for clarity, purpose, a stronger connection to yourself and a path to get you there.

I am here to show you your own gateway to these major shifts in your life, and support you stepping forward with grace and ease.

This life can be easy, simple and free when we are willing to step into the uncomfortable and let go of the ways we have learned to hold ourselves back. 


Brandon Dixon

"The experience was both liberating and memorable. I left the first time feeling like a lifetime was lifted from me and more powerful then ever. Since my first session I’ve fully recommended Breathwork by Krystal to everyone and anyone as I have had first hand experience on the positive and universal effects of her practice. "