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Trauma Informed Online Training

for Breathwork Practitioners

Learn the basics of trauma informed care, develop a deeper understanding of the human experience from a clinical lens and gain more skill in guiding the therapeutic process.


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Fall - 2023
(Weekly on Saturdays)
5-Week Live Online Training
9am - 12pm PST
  • Trauma Informed Care Training
$900 / student 
  • Online lectures, at-home reading, conversational learning & discussion, case studies and role plays
  • Supportive group environment

This is a 5-week introduction course to trauma-informed practice for breathwork guides and body workers. Together we will support you in your practice of holding space for others, in developing the awareness, sensitivity, skills, and comprehension you need to work with clients from a trauma-informed lens.


This program is designed to give breathwork facilitators a deeper knowledge and resource base to support clients in healing the complexities associated with trauma.


Having this foundational knowledge is incredibly important to learn to hold clients safely and with confidence.

In this training you will gain important trauma-aware competency and skills to support clients and mitigate re-traumatization or harm.


Students will walk away with the foundational basics to offer confident care within their scope of practice. 

Do you find yourself asking any of the following questions?

  • Why are my clients not “getting better”? Why is a client staying the same?

  • What are my blindspots? I don’t know what I don’t know

  • How do I support someone who has trauma?

  • How do I work with someone who has a completely different world view than I?

  • What really supports someone from moving from dis-ease to wellness? How can I help with that?

  • What creates change in people’s lives?

This course was designed to help you explore those questions, from a trauma informed perspective. 

Our aim to provide you with more understanding of the human experience from a clinical lens and more skill in guiding the therapeutic process.

You will gain more confidence in holding a safe container. And, ultimately, help your clients to gain more trust in you, titrate through hard parts better, and feel more seen & heard.

And because this type of work is always benefitting both your practice and your own personal journey, you can expect to improve your own self-understanding, gain skills to regulate your own nervous system, and discover more clarity on the processes involved in a dyadic healing relationship.

Meet the Hosts

This course will be hosted by Alex Charleton, a registered Clinical Counsellor, and Krystal Charlotte, the founder of Journey Into Breath.

Get to know a bit more about them below.

Alex Charleton

Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with BCACC

Alex has a deep passion in helping others come back home to themselves. Her core focus is to support people in accessing their deeper truth and develop security within.


She believes in the healing power of relationships and strives to help others foster the tools and awareness needed for that foundational interpersonal container.


Alex’s specialization and areas of focus are with eating disorders; anxiety and depression; relationships; and trauma.

Learn more about Alex on her website here.


Krystal Charlotte

Breathwork Facilitator & Founder of Journey Into Breath

Krystal is the founder of Journey into Breath, and a practitioner of emotional release and nervous system integration. She has spent the last 12 years dedicated to inner work, healing, and navigating a deeper connection with life through the ceremony, medicine circles, movement practices and yoga. 

Her journey has brought her a deep love of supporting others coming back home to the wisdom of their bodies, integrating their emotions, and tuning into their hearts.

Through Breathwork we have the power to become our own greatest healers and remember who we truly are.

She is honoured to guide, teach and share space with those on their own inner journey.

Learn more about Krystal on her website here.

We created this course after years in the industry seeing that many clients who were coming to breathwork in need of deeper support.


It was clear that deeper layers of study that would be useful to support clients in many of the challenges they were facing.


Though we as breathwork facilitators are not therapists, many clients come to us seeking this point of support and we believe it is necessary for us to have foundational trauma study to hold them safely. 

Who Are We

Register Now

Join us and learn how to deepen the safety you create for your clients, discover new tools to help you grow in your practice, and connect with a supportive community of other practitioners. 

Course Structure & Outline

The course is a mixed mode learning model; designed to give you the information, tools and experiential knowledge to apply trauma-informed care with your clients. The mixed mode includes at-home reading and audio material, with introspective questions for reflection; powerpoint lectures; conversational learning and discussion; case studies and role plays in a supportive group environment.

Week 1: Education (March 11)

  • What is trauma in a nutshell

  • Brief history of trauma research

  • Brief history of Breathwork ceremony

  • How Breathwork is a valuable tool for trauma healing

  • How trauma impacts the nervous system

  • Differences between Stress, Anxiety and PTSD

  • Fundamentals of Trauma informed practice

  • Somatic practices to support healing

Week 2: Attachment System and Trauma (March 18)

  • Developmental trauma (ACES)

  • Little t and big T trauma

  • Developmental trauma

  • Attachment system and developing healthy attachments with clients

  • Defenses

  • Emotional literacy

  • Role of compassion in trauma work

  • Creating a secure base in therapeutic relationship and co-regulation

Week 3: Intergenerational Trauma (March 25)

  • Micro trauma

  • Intergenerational trauma and survival patterns held in the body

  • Macro and micro of transgenerational trauma

  • Collective vs. individualistic cultures in healing

  • A need for community care

  • Brief Suicide protocol and prevention

  • Role plays for integration

Week 4: Diversity (April 1)

  • Why diversity inclusion matters

  • Systems of oppression 

  • Cultural competency in practice

  • Microaggressions

  • Basic ethical considerations 

  • Defining your Scope of practice

  • Role plays for integration

Week 5: Integration and Breathwork (April 8)

  • This final session will be to integrate all you have learned and close our time together

  • We will finish with a Breathwork session

Questions & Answers

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you are currently a Breathwork practitioner looking for more education to deepen your abilities in this field. This course is also for you if you are currently studying or would like to study to become a breathwork practitioner. 


We also accept practitioners of other healing modalities such as reiki, wim hof, meditation etc. Though we are primarily focusing on Breathwork, this Trauma informed program will provide a great foundation for many other modalities.

What is included in the course?

This is a 5 week live online certification. 

Each session is 3 hours of interactive lectures, questions and sharing.

You will be paired up for fun and interactive homework and self study between sessions.

What can students expect to walk away with?

  • A wide breadth of knowledge and awareness on trauma-informed care

  • A basic level of counselling skills for breathworkers

  • Introduction to ethical practices and suicide prevention

  • New skills and tools to better support your clients’ healing process

What are the time, energy & money investments?

In this program we will meet once per week for 5 consecutive weeks.


Each class will be 2.5-3 hours.


There is followup homework and integration for each class that is required, however that is minimal and interactive. (Expect an hour per week at your own pace)

The investment is $900.

How is the material accessed? Do I need to attend all of the sessions? Are recordings available?

This course is offered online and live.


You will need to attend 4 of 5 sessions to complete the program.


Each session will be recorded for you to keep and review.

How many people will be in the course?

This course will be available for 20 students.

How much time is there to ask questions of the instructor?

There will be time throughout each session to ask questions and share. This is a co-creative training and therefore interactive. We will also be available for questions via email throughout the training. 


The last day will be for sharing and discussion.

What payment options are available? How is payment made?

We will be accepting all forms of payment for this certification. 

Payment can be made in full or split into two.

When are the sessions?

  • 5 Consecutive Weeks in a row

  • Date released this summer

  • Stay tuned!

Other questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this course. Please feel free to contact either of us at: or

Register Now

Join us and learn how to deepen the safety you create for your clients, discover new tools to help you grow in your practice, and connect with a supportive community of other practitioners. 

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