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Transform Your Inner World

Experience the powerful healing practice of breathwork. 

Breathwork is a guided breath practice that brings us into a deep connection with our body, where we can feel and release stored tension and emotions.

This can result in profound and dramatic healing in many forms.

  • Experience increased feelings of safety, joy, love and empowerment  

  • Understand and shift long-held patterns and beliefs that no longer benefit you

  • Improve your emotional understanding and regulation, leading to stronger, more satisfying relationships with others and with yourself 


Join one of our events to experience the power of breathwork in a safe and supportive community.

Breathe in. Breathe out.



A breathwork session is a somatic healing experience where, guided by a trained facilitator, you are able to access altered states of awareness using conscious connected breathing.



Breathwork sessions can take place in-person or from the comfort of your own home via online video chat with your facilitator.

Step 1:  Discuss & Rest


Step 3: Feel, Release & Heal

We begin by taking some time to discuss your intention. From here we move into grounding exercises and start to prepare for the journey. 


Great care is taken to ensure that you feel safe and secure. Blankets, pillows and candles are encouraged!



Then, accompanied by gentle music, you are guided into a simple breathing pattern that brings you into deep connection with your body.

Each breathwork experience is a unique journey and will support you to move through tensions and stored patterns in your body.


Our bodies hold so much wisdom, and it’s here in a breathwork session that we are giving our body the power to guide us — we simply need to follow and listen.

While breathing, you may feel emotions come up, or places of increased tension in the body. By continuing the breath pattern, your body will begin to feel safer, which then allows the tension and stories to transform and release

It's here we can then connect to more joy, freedom and ease in our life.

Step 2: Breathe & Connect

shyloh ray photo -22.jpg

This is a simple process - feel what is there, allow yourself to be with it, and then it will transform and release.


These are the keys to so much healing and change in our lives. 

Breathwork is a journey that will feel safe, accessible, and is directed towards the goal of 
 improving your quality of life

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“One of the most profound healing experiences I’ve ever had. Krystal is magic.”



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