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Krystal Charlotte

Breathwork Guide & Founder of Journey Into Breath

Trained Breathwave & Shamanic Practitioner 2016

Certified Doula and Yoga teacher


Krystal Charlotte is the founder of Journey into Breath, and a practitioner of emotional release and nervous system rebalancing.  She has spent much of her life dedicated to inner work, healing, and navigating a deeper connection with life through the ceremony, medicine circles, movement practices and yoga. 


Her journey has brought her a deep love of supporting others coming back home to the wisdom of their bodies, integrating their emotions, and tuning into their hearts.

Through Breathwork we have the power to become our own greatest healers and remember who we truly are.


She is honoured to guide, teach and share space with those on their own inner journey.


My Journey to Breathwork

What a life this has been... and it has just begun.

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t look people in the eye. When a kind compliment would send me rushing out of the room, bursting into tears because I believed that they must have been making it up. That there was no way anyone could see anything positive about me to compliment.


Like many of us, the start of my life had many trials and hardships.  I had no idea how to cope with the situations and upbringing I was given. I was left anxious, sad, angry, and full of fear. I trusted no one. 


I had decided that the way I would handle life would be to create big huge walls around myself, and stay inside where everything felt safe and good. 

Until it didn’t.


Life had something else in store for me. Through a series of very unfortunate events, I found myself completely alone, in a hotel room on a remote island in Thailand, quite certain that I was about to die. I had hit rock bottom and no one had any idea.

I realized that this strategy of shutting the world out wasn’t going to work. I was either going to have to change everything in my life or I would be done here on this earth.

I spent the next eight years searching out every method of healing I could find: from an ashram in Cambodia to ayahuasca ceremonies in Costa Rica, traditional counseling, yoga training… I tried it all.


But at the end of the day, it was something so simple that brought me back to myself in the most profound way.

My breath.

Breathwork taught me to dive into my own stuff – all the stories that I was holding on to that held me back. 

I learned how to hold myself tenderly in the trauma, how to be willing to feel it, and to start healing those aspects of myself. 

And then let go. 

I let go of the ways that I protected myself, the ways I used my shields as my strength when really they debilitated me and kept me isolated

And in the end, I got to know who I really was – the softness, the sensitivity, and the love that makes up who I truly am.

Through breath, I learned how to show up to life fully as myself. 

I went around the world seeking home and safety and answers, and it just brought me back to me.


Your Journey

I work with those of you desiring deep life changes. Those of you who are at a transition in life, looking for clarity, purpose, a stronger connection to yourself, and a path to get you there.

I am here to show you your own gateway to these major shifts in your life and support you stepping forward with grace and ease.

This life can be easy, simple, and free when we are willing to step into the uncomfortable and let go of the ways we have learned to hold ourselves back. 

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