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Breathwork Facilitator Apprenticeship Program

with Krystal Charlotte of Journey Into Breath


Learn to guide and support others as they access the healing power of breathwork.

Breathwork is a potent practice that is gaining recognition worldwide for its ability to help people release stored emotions, rebalance their nervous systems, and heal old patterns in their lives.


With the Journey Into Breath Apprenticeship program, you will learn how to guide others in this practice through personal 1-on-1 training and ongoing support.

The Journey Into Breath Approach

The Principles & Foundations of our Apprenticeship Program


The Benefit of 1-on-1 Training

Breathwork is a powerful and personal tool - one that can deeply impact both client and practitioner. The Journey Into Breath Apprenticeship program utilizes a 1-on-1 training approach in order to give students both the skills and confidence they require to step into the role of guide. 

Working 1-on-1 ensures that all apprentices not only receive customized guidance and support, but they are also encouraged to discover and develop who they are as individuals, and how they personally relate to breathwork.


This helps them to go forward as unique and authentic practitioners, with a deep connection to self.

Hands On Practice

With a focus on preparing students for a career as a breathwork guide, the Journey Into Breath Apprenticeship Program is designed to have a strong focus on hands-on practice. 

Students learn hands-on skills in a 1-on-1 environment, allowing them to receive personal feedback and guidance. They then are fully supported through multiple client sessions.

This ensures that every student becomes comfortable and confident in leading full breathwork sessions, and supporting clients deeply in the practice.

shyloh ray photo -9.jpg
Image by Denys Striyeshyn

Business Structure & Strategy

The program is designed to support students who are interested in either creating a full-time breathwork practice, or adding breathwork into the services they offer their clients.

Students are given both tools and structures designed to help them create a supportive breathwork business - from intake forms and questionnaires, to client support and care. 

The practices and strategies taught come from years of real-world experience and success in growing a thriving breathwork practice, and ensure students are well prepared to navigate the business side of a therapeutic wellness practice.

Relationship Centered Work

One of the most beautiful aspects of breathwork is its ability to take both client and practitioner on a continual journey to new depths with each session. For this reason, Journey Into Breath takes a relationship-centered approach to breathwork training.

Great care and attention is given to learning how to support and nurture client relationships, and to establish ongoing work together in order to help clients achieve new depths of wisdom and healing.

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Programs & Education

Breathwork Facilitator Certification

An in-depth 14-week program designed to prepare you to become a Breathwork Practitioner.

Level 1: Your Personal Inner Journey

Learn Breathwork first hand & prepare yourself to be able to support others.

  • Foundation of Breathwork

  • 6 Private Breathwork and Coaching sessions

  • Pattern your own inner world

  • Contact between sessions for integration

Level 2: One-on-one Practitioner Training

Gain the skills & tools needed to begin a practice guiding others in breathwork.

  • Full faciliatator breath manual & guides

  • Journey into Breath Certificate of completion

  • 8 guided sessions learning and practicing tools and techniques with clients

  • Breakdown of breath patterns, holding patterns, and trauma integration

  • Guidance to begin your practice

  • Intake form outline, waivers, scheduling system guide, and music

  • Optional extra apprentice facilitation at group workshops and events at your availability

Investment: $5,600

Ongoing Education: Trauma Informed Breathwork & Bodywork

Learn the foundation to support people healing deep trauma.

  • Led by a registered therapist

  • Covers child development, polyvagal theory, attachment trauma, ethics & more

  • Teaches both practical skills & a wide range of critical concepts

  • Includes discussions of decolonizing, harm reduction, boundaries & consent

  • Open to all Breathwork & bodywork practitioners (eg. reiki, massage, etc.)

Coming soon! 


What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a guided breath practice that brings us into a deep connection with our body, where we can feel and release stored tension and emotions.

This can result in profound and dramatic healing in many forms.

  • Experience increased feelings of safety, joy, love and empowerment  

  • Understand and shift long-held patterns and beliefs that no longer benefit you

  • Improve your emotional understanding and regulation, leading to stronger, more satisfying relationships with others and with yourself 

This powerful practice can help people connect deeply within, and balance their spiritual, physical and emotional selves.

Meet Your Teacher

Krystal Charlotte is the founder of Journey into Breath, and a practitioner of emotional release and nervous system rebalancing. She has spent the last 12 years dedicated to inner work, healing, and navigating a deeper connection with life through the ceremony, medicine circles, movement practices and yoga.

Her journey has brought her a deep love of supporting others coming back home to the wisdom of their bodies, integrating their emotions, and tuning into their hearts.

​Through Breathwork we have the power to become our own greatest healers and remember who we truly are.

​She is honoured to guide, teach and share space with those on their own inner journey.

She currently runs a full-time breathwork practice in Vancouver, BC.


Krystal Charlotte

Breathwork Guide &
Founder of Journey Into Breath

Testimonials from
Journey Into Breath Apprentices

"She shares her knowledge and experiences graciously and was committed to helping me succeed." 

"From the very beginning, Krystal was patient, thorough and incredibly knowledgeable throughout my training.  It is clear that Krystal has put her heart and soul  into this work, not only as a facilitator but also as a teacher.


She shares her knowledge and experiences graciously and was committed to helping me succeed.  Krystal gave me the gift of self exploration through Level 1 and challenged me in the best ways possible though Level 2. I would recommend this training to anyone who is feeling called to this work."

- Desiree Taylor

"I feel well prepared for my practice to grow and she has given me a fantastic gift to thrive being a host for others to expand their healing." 

"I knew at one point in my energy work that I wanted to expand in my modalities and integrate this into my practice.  I am so grateful that I could learn to be a facilitator from Krystal. 


She has provided the most tangible learning material as well as practical experience, it spoke volumes and I felt so held in a space of encouragement and safety through something which is so expansive.


I feel well prepared for my practice to grow and she has given me a fantastic gift to thrive being a host for others to expand their healing.


Such abundant gratitude."

- Kate Schmitt


Who is this program right for?

The Journey Into Breath Apprenticeship program is designed for those who feel a deep calling to guide others in breath. It is perfect for those who are interested in becoming a full-time breathwork guide, or for coaches, therapists or other healers to add into the services they offer their clients. While the Level 1 portion of the training covers the Personal Journey, we typically recommend students to have experience with breathwork previously to ensure that they are personally called to the work.

How long is the training?

The Apprenticeship Certification Program takes place over 14 weeks, covering both Level 1 and Level 2. At this point the student is considered certified to begin practice, at which point they will enter into their practicum. Their first 50 clients will be mentored by the instructor, with regular discussion & feedback in order to provide ongoing support as the student begins their practice.

The On-going Education modules are optional and can take place at any time.

Where does the program take place?

The training typically takes place in Vancouver, BC. 

For out-of-town students, Level 1 will take place online, and Level 2 will take places as a 4-day in-person intensive in Vancouver, BC. For special cases Krystal does travel to your hometown to train and additional cost may apply when needed.  

How do I join and when can I begin?

In order to ensure the highest level of instruction, the Journey Into Breath Apprenticeship Program takes a limited number of students and is by application. You can access the application form here, and we encourage you to take your time filling it out. We look for students who resonate with our relationship-centered approach, and who have a high level of commitment to deepening their own inner connection as part of the path towards guiding others.

For those who are accepted into the program, training begins at a date agreed upon by both the teacher and student. 

Apply Now

Thank you so much for your interest in our Apprenticeship Program. It is an honour to pass along the knowledge of breathwork facilitation so that others may do this work.


Important note: We only offer a very limited number of apprenticeships in order to ensure that our standards for safety are able to be held. We recommend applying when you feel ready to commit to this path both financially and with your energy and attention.


If your application is chosen you will be contacted to set up a short connection call to see if you are a good fit for our program.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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