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Client Stories

Breathwork is a unique journey for each and every person. Please enjoy these stories from our clients describing their experience and the ways it impacted and shifted their lives!


"I felt really safe throughout the journey..."

This was my first time experiencing breathwork and Krystal was so incredible at guiding me through the process. She is such a kind-hearted individual and I felt really safe throughout the journey. Her gentle energy made it easy to relax into the process and I was able to have very healing experience with her. Highly recommend!!

- Mina Nevis

"Deep release of old unconscious pains..."

Krystal's breathwork session was the deepest healing I have received in a long time. Deep release of deep old unconscious pains. Could not recommend her more! Thank you!

- Jan Kasparec


"I experienced major shifts in my life..."

Krystal is such an amazing soul, her energy and her voice itself it so healing. She made me feel so safe and so free to release any and all things built up within through Breathwork. I experienced major shifts in my life through her techniques and I look forward to doing more breathwork with her in the future! thank you Krystal for your beautiful work in the world.

- Nancy Sidhu

"Professional, knowledgeable..."

Thank you for the guidance and help you have provided. I highly recommend Krystal for breathe work! She is professional, knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. Grateful to have her as part of my journey.

- Andrew Paes

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