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Doing the Deep Work

a 5 week - Online Journey

For many of us, the change of season means a chance to go inwards and be more introspective with our time. Especially for those of us who have been navigating big life changes, this may feel like the right time to discover more about ourselves on a deeper level. Lately I’ve been feeling this shift in my own life and that’s why I felt called to create an online group program to support other individuals through breathwork practice and a supportive community.


I believe in order for us to rise with strength we must dive deep and anchor ourselves powerfully in this life. We must feel, connect, and be in this body, and then through that we rise. 

This will be a space we meet weekly for five weeks to learn how to better navigate our emotional, mental, and spiritual roadblocks. We will do this through inquiry and breath, and with these tools we will connect with our bodies' innate intelligence, develop deeper self-awareness,  and discover how the past may be controlling our present and inhibiting our future. 


These group sessions are designed for individuals looking to overcome lifes obstacles, whether they be internal or external, and find greater resources within.


Event Details

12 Participants



Spring 2024

"The taller the tree, the deeper the roots"

-Mashona Dhliwayo


What Will I Get Out Of The Program?

The intention of this program is to support you in building a life of clarity, authenticity and meaning. 

In order to find clarity, we must connect back into our hearts, integrate our old patterns and conditioning, and cultivate a regulated body and mind.  Together we will build a community of like-minded feelers and create big transformation in our personal lives and beyond.


This course also integrates personal introspection, reflections, and uses Breathwork as our tool to support you in spiritual and emotional growth and understanding.


We will also have one session dedicated to a favourite wild teacher of mine: Teresa Campbell. She will skillfully lead one of our journey's and weave in some physical movement and expression. 

What Is The Structure Of The Program?

The structure of the program is designed to give you a steady container to cultivate a community where you are held by Krystal and other like-minded individuals. To support your growth and learning during this program, you will receive:


  1. Once registered you will receive a 1-on-1 zoom call with Krystal prior to the programs start date. Here we will have time to learn about your history and the unique energies you are bringing to the group. We will look at what is coming up in your life currently and where you would like to see the biggest shifts and openings. 

  2. We will then meet once per week for 2.5 hours via Zoom for five weeks as a group to share experiences and discover the themes showing up in our lives. This will include a full one hour Breathwork journey to unravel and integrate these pieces, shed old stories, and come into deeper harmony within ourselves.


You will also have on-going support through a WhatsApp group with other participants of the program as well as access to Krystal for any personal check-ins that are needed during the program.


Who Is This Program For?

This program is for those of you in big life transitions whether that be external or internal. It is for you if you desire to cultivate bold and unshakable strength within, to tune into your own potent wisdom, and to learn to ride the waves of life with greater ease.


No experience necessary, and all are welcome here :)

If this speaks to you then please register below and we will begin this journey together.

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