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Group & Corporate Workshops

Breathwork is a powerful tool for your community or team to practice and experience together. It can help reduce stress, increase creativity, and promote authentic connection. 

If you'd like more details of our group and corporate breathwork offerings, please fill out the following form with more details and we will send you our informational package. And read on below for more benefits of breathwork!

For more information our workshop & event packages, please fill out the following form and we will send you the details!

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Emotional Benefits

• Access and shift our subconscious beliefs

• Resolve emotional blocks

• Support the releasing of old trauma

• Gain greater clarity in our lives

• Develop a deeper connection to ourselves

Relationship Benefits

  • Understand relationship patterns & subconscious stories

  • Heal attachment wounding

  • Develop healthy techniques for self-soothing

  • Create secure attachment to self

  • Increase emotional regulation

  • Release fears & reactive patterns

  • Improve ability to consciously choose reactions in relationships

Physical Benefits

  • Creates a calm nervous system

  • Increased energy

  • Generate health in the body

  • Lower heart rate, decrease blood pressure

  • Relax

  • Improve sleep

  • Help reduce pain

  • Reduces cortisol and stress hormone, which reduces the feeling of pain

  • Detoxification of organs

Spiritual Benefits

  • Drop into the present moment

  • Encounter mystical experiences

  • Connect to deep inner wisdom

  • Gain greater insight into your life

  • Access higher states of consciousness

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